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15 June 2011 @ 09:02 am
Our Shop  
Hey, everyone!

This is just a friendly reminder to check out our CafePress shop!

As of late, sales have been very low, which means that nearly no money is getting to our charity of choice, The Trevor Project. The way CafePress works is that for every sale, they take a cut of the profits.  Also, to keep the shop running the way it is now, we also have to pay out a premium fee.

Come October, if sales do not increase, we will have to downgrade to a free account.  This means that 1) we won't be able to keep some of our designs (and we really don't want to loose any of the hard work that so many of our artists and contributors put into this) and 2) you will only have a limited selection of types of merchandise (only one type of item per design).

So, I implore you . . . if you have a few extra pennies, to pick something up. =) We have a great selection right now - drink tumblers, iPad cases, clothes, mouse pads, mugs, workout bags, pillows, etc.

Thanks you so much for your time and help in supporting SArmy and our featured charities over the years. It truly means a lot.

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